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Computers in general become slow an unresponsive with time. This is due to the accumulation of, amongst others remaining programs, old deleted files, registry issues, malware, adware, viruses, hard drive degradation, which will cause your computer to be come sluggish. Our excellent service team that can investigate and perform optimisation to get the your device working to its best capability.

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List of our Computer Tune-Up Services

Memory & Drive Upgrade

Memory & Drive Upgrade

If you notice that your device takes long to boot or slow to respond, a memory or Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrade will enhance the performance of your Mac device. Our skilled technicians can perform the upgrade and also ensuring that you do not lose any of your files.

Clone Hard Drive Service

Regular service

One of the main reasons why your computers are running slow is that they may be in need of some routine maintenance. People do not realise that just like your car, computers also need routine maintenance to keep it running optimal. Our team have access to professional tools to ensure that your device is tuned correctly.

Device Overheating

Blotware Removal

Bloatware consists of undesirable software on your computer that was either accidentally installed or pre-installed by your PC manufacturer, and which has a negative impact on your computer. Our team can identify and remove these to ensure your computer performs optimally.

Installation of New Software or Updates

Optimise Startup & Shutdown

Many different factors affect the speed at which your computer is able to start-up and shutdown. We take a look at all of them to ensure both processes are as quick as possible.

Install Windows updates

Install Windows Updates

Microsoft frequently releases new updates for Windows to fix issues with and improve the overall performance of the operating system. Installing them can be both time consuming and difficult. Avoid the headache and let us do it for you!

Cleanup Quick Launch & Taskbar

Cleanup Quick Launch & Taskbar

Wondering what all of those pesky icons that appear in your taskbar represent? Wonder no more! We will explain to you what they are and if you don’t want them, delete them forever.


Remove Unwanted Programs & Trialware

People often inadvertently gather unwanted or unnecessary programs and trialware (‘geek speak’ for free, trial software) on their computer. These can make your machine cumbersome and temperamental. We’ll remove any unwanted ones to speed up your machine and prevent those annoying pop-ups.

Parts Repairs/Replacement

Remove Dust From Inside The Computer

As your computer gets older, the inside of it inevitably collects more and more dust. This build up restricts the air flow inside of the computer which leads to overheating and affects the speed and stability of the machine.

Computer Models we support

Computer Models We Support

Practically all computers and laptops. HP, Apple, Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and more.

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We are here to help. If you do not find what you’re after in our Frequently Asked Questions, email or contact us.

Most work can be done with 1-2 days to complete. There are situations where the repairs may take longer such as when parts have to be ordered. TailorMade Computers strives to use only high-quality and if possible the original equipment replacement parts. At times parts are not always readily available, especially for older computers.

Yes we do. We have a comprehensive yearly service package. As part of the service, we will ensure that we optimise and keep your device protected and running smoothly. Talk to us for further information.

Yes, we make it a point to convey the exact quote to you before fixing your device. You do not have to worry about us starting any work without your confirmation on the repair cost.

The protection of your data is the priority at TailorMade Computers. As long as the hard drive and data integrity are still in good shape, we will always begin every service with a complete backup of your system and data. If there is a problem with the data on your system, we will notify you of the problem and discuss the options you have.

Currently, there are more than 150,000 new forms of viruses and malware released every single day. The most common ways they get into your system are through software downloads from illegal download sites, vulnerabilities in your currently installed software, clicking on malicious links in emails or visiting a compromised website, even legitimate, well-known websites.

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